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Sit Better. You Deserve It. 

Cheap good quality ergonomic chair

Why You Should Get An Ergonomic Chair Today

Cheap good quality ergonomic chair

2D Adjustable Headrest For Added Neck Support 

2D Adjustable Armrests For The Perfect Posture 

Adjustable Seat Height For All Preferences

Tension-Ridged Frame Contoured With MouldTech To Ensure Even Distribution Of Weight

Adjustable Seat Pad for Maximum Comfort

Do you know that the average person spends more than 8 hours a day sitting down (25 years in a lifetime), or that people with incorrect postures are >4 times more likely to suffer from lower back pain?


According to a study conducted by the US National Institute of Health, the prevalence rate of reported lower back pain in occupations that require the worker to sit for the majority of a working day is significantly higher than the prevalence rate of the general population. 


One of the preventive measures of back pain listed by  same institute was the use of ergonomically designed furniture and equipment at home and at work. This is why at Chairs Actually, we endeavor to bring you the best in ergonomic design in the form of Ergomatics Zen. 


Using the cutting-edge MouldTech™, the structural frame of the Ergomatics Zen is contoured in a way that ensures even distribution of weight and prevention of stress build-up at any one point. The lumbar support booster will be especially beneficial to sufferers of lower back pain. 


The frame is outfitted with breathable high tension air mesh fabric to ensure optimal thermal regulation. The adaptive fabric and structure will ensure that the form of the chair conforms to the curvature of your spine, rather than the other way round. 

Back Health is an investment. Don't wait - Invest in a Ergomatics Zen today. 


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Introducing the Ergomatics Zen

Your New Age Ergonomic Seating For An Affordable Price

Optimal S-Shaped Curvature For Maximum Lumbar support

2D Adjustable Headrest For Added Neck Support 

High Tension Backrest To Ensure Conformation To Any Body Shape

Designed With MouldTech™ To Alleviate Spinal Stress 

MouldTech Design To Ensure Ideal Lumbar Support 


Adjustable Seat Height

Adjustable Vertical Seat Height With 360° Seat Pad Rotation


2D Adjustable Headrest

Adjust the height and Recline of your pivot-able headrest 


Adjustable Recline

Adjust the recline and firmness of your backrest with the Tilt-Tension Mechanism 


Adjustable Seat Depth

Adjust The Distance Of The Seat Pad To Backrest For Maximum Comfort


Reinforced Chassis

 Fortified ABS Plastic Chassis (+2.5mm) For Better Durability


Ergonomic Seat Curvature

Tension-Ridged Curvature With Waterfall Edge For Even Weight Distribution 


2D Adjustable Armrests

Adjust Your Armrests Up/Down And Inward/Forward For The Perfect Posture.


Air Mesh Fabric

Breathable Air Mesh Fabric For Optimal Thermal Regulation

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Tension-Ridged Frame Contoured Using MouldTech™ With Lumbar Booster

Cheap good quality ergonomic chair


Adjust Distance Of Seat Pad From Backrest For Maximum Comfort 

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Adjust Height and Recline Of Pivot-able Headrest

Cheap good quality ergonomic chair


Adjust Recline and Firmness Of Backrest With Tilt-Tension Mechanism 

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Adjust Height and Position of Armrests

Cheap good quality ergonomic chair


Breathable Air Mesh Fabric For Optimal Thermal Regulation

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