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With clean lines and muted colors, the FÖRLÄNGA Sofa has the sleekest design in our catalogue, encompassing a one piece seat cushion for up to 3 seaters. The FÖRLÄNGA Sofa is also one of the larger sofas in our collection, with the 2 piece sectional having a width of 286 cm. Space is never a problem when it comes to the FÖRLÄNGA Sofa. The contact area of the FÖRLÄNGA Sofa is upholstered in authentic leather. The FÖRLÄNGA Sofa also comes with two cashmere leather cushions.


  • 1 Seater - 93L x 96W x 70H
    2 Seater - 168L x 96W x 70H
    3 Seater - 225L x 96W x 70H

    4 Seater - 280L x 96W x 70H

    2 Sectional - 286L x 176W x 70H

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