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The last of the Loaf Series, the MULG Loaf Sofa is a close cousin to the MULRA Loaf Sofa. The main difference is that the MULG Loaf Sofa is not segmented and comes in a one-piece ensemble. Also, the height of the armrests are in-line. All in all, the MULG Loaf Sofa emanates a more steely vibe, and would be a good fit for any loft styled apartments. 

MULG Loaf Sofa

  • 1 Seater - 110L x 85W x 66H
    2 Seater - 160L x 85W x 66H
    3 Seater - 200L x 85W x 66H

    4 Seater - 240L x 85W x 66H

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